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Friday, October 5, 2012

Where to Buy Super Hero Underwear For Girls

People, a miraculous thing has happened.  After lamenting last week that I could not buy my daughter any super hero underwear due to the fact that she is a female and is therefore supposed to only like Barbie and Hello Kitty, I got a message from a fellow blogger and a friend of mine.  Now, to give you some background here, this friend of mine sang with me in college choir, and then ended up working administratively at my grad program years later, but we were not the type of friends who exchanged underwear.  Therefore I was shocked and thrilled to receive her message asking me if I wanted her to make my daughter some super hero undergarments.

Apparently she had some random super hero fabric lying around (don't we all?) and volunteered to applique it onto some little girl panties.  Well, this was clearly above and beyond the call of friend duty, which I told her, but I also said yes.  I figured it would take some time for her to do this, and it did.  One day of time.  The very next day she asked for my address so she could send along the underwear.  Clearly she was either very good at sewing and crafting, or we were getting some half-assed (heh) underwear.

I am happy to report that it was the former.  We got, just a few days later, a package that included not only the super hero underwear (five pairs each in two different sizes, just to be safe), but an awesome pirate shirt and skirt that was put on immediately amidst much joyous jumping.  This was some professional looking stuff.  I messaged her immediately to thank her and to tell her that she had better start an Etsy shop right away, because no one else was doing stuff like this.  Believe me.  I spent a long time looking.  I had friends looking.  It just wasn't there.

Clearly I was behind the times, because she had already had this idea, and has now opened up her shop where all of you can also buy super hero underwear, the pirate dress, an awesome looking Captain America dress, and more.  Seriously, this stuff is fantastic.  Now that I have had a sample, I will be going broke buying more and more of it.  It's kind of like crack cocaine I guess.

So check out her blog here to read about her adventures with her twins, and check out her Etsy shop here for all of your nerd girl fashion needs.  And since the universe decided to solve one of my problems via my friend simply because I blogged about it, I will now start to write more posts in which I complain about something and then hope that the internet and the universe will somehow fix it for me.  Tomorrow's post: "Why can't they just get started on making Ghostbusters 3?"


  1. LMAO!! The pleasure was all mine. I'm addicted to fabrics. Yesterday I used the excuse of my new shop to go shopping, and lo and behold, Star Wars themed fabrics happened to be right next to Super Heroes! I may have to expand my brand...

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  5. THANK YOU for this idea! My five year old daughter has been wearing boys' spider man underwear since she potty trained at 18 months. She was ridiculed at the swimming pool when she was dressing in the locker room. I am making these TODAY.

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